AMCs and After sale services

Product and services marketing has been changing with the changing times, today, consumers are approached in may ways directly, through tele-marketing, internet based marketing etc. In all this, consumers are provided with the choice of products, true, but how much of the information provided and most of all ‘promises’ made are correct? With product advertisements on one side the promises made for after sale services have sky as their limit, and all this is only till the sale of the product. No one knows where the entire band wagon disappears after the sale is completed!

Mr. Somakanthan was one such consumer, who had a terrible experience with a leading company. He bought a water purifier which came with a fancy pack of an Annual Maintenance contract provided by the company. Like all machines that function absolutely well till the warranty period, this product also did. After some days the machine stopped working (a technical problem!). With ‘pure’ water being a rare and expensive commodity these days, Mr. Somakanthan lodged a complaint with the company and despite repeated phone calls made, almost everyday, no one attended to the problem for atleast 10 days.

He was greatly aggrieved and approached CAG for assistance. CAG spoke to the company’s executive and was told that the problem would be solved immediately. However 2 more calls had to be made for the issue to be amicably resolved.

Lofty promises of after sales service is far from reality amongst many companies and when the rule is Caveat Emptor we consumers have to be careful in making the right choice.