Digital Financial Services - A consumer guidance seminar to mark World Consumer Rights Day 2022

Fri, 08/04/2022 - 10:52

Digital finance has become a part of everyday life. It eases a range of day-to-day activities like bill payments,  shopping and accessing other  financial services.  While the current share of those accessing online digital services from urban and semi-urban communities is already massive, we anticipate further growth in the coming years.

Reasons for dam failure

Fri, 08/04/2022 - 10:12

 "#ClimateChange is making #India’s big dams dangerous" says Scroll. As per the data from South Asia Network on Dams, Rivers and People, since 2009, 20 floods in the country have been as a result of dams breaking or excess water being released from it. We need legally enforceable dam operation rules. #ActNow

climate change

climate change

climate change

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Speeding woes in Chennai need to be resolved, NOW!

Fri, 08/04/2022 - 09:42

The consequences and the dangers of speeding are far ranging and well known. From losing control of a vehicle to the  potential dangers of increased stopping distances and higher crash severity, speeding is a huge menace for the mixed road traffic scenario typical of India. As per the State Crime Records Bureau (SCRB) 2020, 98.57% of crashes in Tamil Nadu were the result of dangerous driver behaviour. The main reasons included speeding and aggressive driving.

World Health Day 2022

Thu, 07/04/2022 - 10:50

A recent study reveals that unhealthy food intake among Indians is on the rise -  mainly because of easy accessibility and affordability. The evidence is rolling in that our non-communicable diseases epidemic is led by our over-consumption of these #processed foods. This #WorldHealthDay, we ask for Front of Pack Warning Labels to help contain our reliance on unhealthy foods.

#FoodLabelsSaveLives #KnowWhatYouEat #GlobalHealth #SwasthBharat #HealthyIndia #WarningLabels #HealthForAll #AzadiKaAmritMahotsav #JagoGrahakJago #ConsumerProtection

consumer rights

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Energy Clubs - An Electricity Consumer Cells Initiative

Wed, 06/04/2022 - 16:28

Energy clubs, an initiative of CAG’s Electricity Consumer Cells (ECC), were launched in June 2021, in five schools across three districts in Tamil Nadu - Trichy, Vellore & Tirunelveli. The central objective of the ‘Energy Club’ is to educate, encourage and enable young adults to save energy so that the ongoing energy crisis can be addressed.

Voices of Pedestrians: National Pedestrians’ Conference

Tue, 05/04/2022 - 16:30

Bipedalism (standing upright on two feet) is considered the crucial marker of human evolution. Walking, whether on a pilgrimage or as a mode of protest (think Dandi or Selma), is invested with significance, with an aura, a purpose. The effort, the impetus behind walking, the motivation that propels these walks are recognised as something special.

Is India’s clean energy transition happening fast enough?

Tue, 05/04/2022 - 16:18

In the battle against climate change, India's pledge at the 26th Conference of Parties (COP26), mainly revolved around phasing down fossil fuels and embracing renewable energy. The five climate-related ambitious goals that were set by India in stipulation to the 2015, Paris agreement, which is also coined “the Panchamrita” basically are;