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Was that drink worth it?

May 18, 2017 Benedicta Isaac-Kumar

Image courtesy: European Transport Safety Council

So, you like your beer. Maybe you even like getting drunk. Maybe you think, it’s the one weakness you have; or that you get to be young once – why not be a bit reckless too? Never mind what your idea of reckless is – getting drunk and getting behind the wheel of a car must not be one of them. Here’s why:

Slow down!

In the rat race that is the urban lifestyle, we constantly have our foot on the accelerator, trying to get from point A to B in impossibly short times. Small gap in traffic opens in front of us and the instinct is to floor it and close the gap. God forbid someone else reacts quicker, sneaks in, and gets ahead of us! And then there are those situations when the intersection is several 100m ahead and the light turns green. Of course, we must hit 80 kmph and make the green because the world will come to an end if we miss the light.

Living Dangerously

April 28, 2017 CAG

Pedestrians are one of the most vulnerable groups on our roads though walking is most environment-friendly and sustainable mode of transport. Legally, motorists are required to give Right of Way to pedestrians but rarely does a motorist in India do so. CAG spoke a few elderly pedestrians on the travails of walking in India.


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