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Capacity Building Meetings on Electricity Governance - Electricity Consumer Cells (ECC) Tiruvallur and Cuddalore

Electricity Consumer Cells (ECCs), organised capacity building programmes on electricity governance at Bangarampet village, Tiruvallur district and Chidambaram, Cuddalore district on July 20, 2019 and July 21, 2019 respectively. The events primarily focused on imparting knowledge and creating awareness on electricity governance among consumers.

Need for a global treaty on plastics

A global treaty on plastics is the need of the hour if we are to tackle the seemingly insurmountable problem of plastic pollution in an efficient and holistic manner that deals with the problem at its roots. This article by Apoorva Ramaswamy establishes the urgency of establishing a convention at the global level, in lieu of the limitations within national/city level efforts and current international legal solutions to the plastic problem.  


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