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The Conspiracy behind Banking Charges, Payments Banks, and Demonetisation

This blog explores the overarching connections between banks levying various charges for services, the advent of Payments Banks, and the subsequent demonetisation drive administered to curb black money and counterfeit currency thereby boosting digital transactions in the name of transparency.

Household Toilets and Sanitation: The Solution for Open-defecation Free?

Sanitation entails ensuring a hygienic environment to eliminate diseases and health issues. But we find the Swachh Bharat Mission predominantly focused only on the construction of toilets. As a result, the complex problem of sanitation is reduced to the provision of household toilets, leading to the neglect of many crucial components such as the containment and treatment of human faeces, and the management of waste and waste water.

Capacity Building Programme on Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and Passive Building Concepts - Tiruvannamalai

This blog summarises the capacity building programme held in Tiruvannamalai in February 2019. The theme for the programme was energy efficiency, renewable energy, and passive building concepts.


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