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Is India genuinely keeping abreast with the worldwide movement against plastic?

Over the years, there is a growing awareness of the multiple problems caused by plastic pollution. It is unfortunate that the very factors of durability and resistance to degeneration that make plastics so useful are the very reasons why the management of its waste is so difficult. 

Where Kuppai Matters but space also matters: Kuppai Thiruvizha in Public Parks

In the previous issue of Public Newsense, we reported the official launch of Kuppai Matters during the first Kuppai Thiruvizha in Anna Nagar in November 2017. Since its launch, it has been in the news for all the right reasons, evincing phenomenal support from the denizens of different parts of the city, both online and on the ground.

TAMIL NADU 32: A Road Safety Tour of the districts - Part 2

In the previous issue of Public Newsense, we looked at Government of India’s attempt to strengthen road safety by amending the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. At that time, the Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill, 2017, had been passed by the Lok Sabha and was awaiting introduction to the Rajya Sabha. 

Cleaning Chennai’s Waterways - One Detailed Project Report at a time

A WhatsApp forward came the other day. The provenance was unknown and information scanty. It consisted of an image announcing a meeting under the aegis of CRRT (Chennai River Restoration Trust, a government-owned trust) and TNUIFSL (Tamil Nadu Urban Infrastructure Financial Services Ltd, a Public Limited Company).


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