Capacity building programmes on Energy Efficiency, Energy Conservation, and Renewable Energy - October 2019

Tue, 14/01/2020 - 19:01

Electricity Consumer Cells (ECCs) conducted capacity building meetings on energy efficiency, energy conservation, and renewable energy in the month of October 2019 at:

1. Tamilnadu Social Service Society (TASOSS) hall, Sangillyandapuram, Trichy on 19 October 2019;
Vanaja, Director, People’s Action Service Society (PASS)
Velusamy, Advisor, ECC - Trichy
Balaji, Researcher, CAG
Loganathan, Trichy Electronics 
Prakash, Coordinator, ECC - Trichy.
2. Grand Lyon Community Hall, Redhills, Tiruvallur on 19 October 2019;
Selvaraj, Chairman, Federation of Consumer Organisations Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry (FEDCOT)
Dhanraj, Coordinator, ECC - Tiruvallur
Nagarajan, Organiser, ECC - Tiruvallur,
Dhivya, ECC Engineer, CAG,
Bharath Ram, Researcher, CAG
Rajendran, Solar developer, 
Ashokan, Advisor, ECC - Salem
3. Tamil Nadu Min Amaiparlargal Mathiya Sangam (TMAMS), Salem on 20 October 2019;
Boopathi.J.M, Founder of Consumer Voice Foundation,
Prabakaran.L, Coordinator, ECC - Salem,
Jayaraman, Advisor, ECC - Salem,
Balaji, Researcher, CAG
Saravanan, NIRT Renewable Energy,
Sribaskar, Coordinator, ECC - Salem 
4. Muslim Girls Higher secondary school, Tirunelveli on 30 October 2019; 
Venkatachalam, President, Tirunelveli Maavata Nugarvor Urimai Paadhukaapu Sangam,
Muthusamy, Coordinator, ECC - Tirunelveli
Shanmugam, Advisor, ECC - Tirunelveli,
Balaji, Researcher, CAG,
Denish Venu, Assistant Engineer, Melapalayam, Tirunelveli
Anto Jeyaraj, GreenTech Solar,
Ganapathi Subramaniyan, FEDCOT, District Secretary.


5. MKG Thirumana mandapam, Mangalam, Tiruvanamalai on 22 October 2019.
Rama Perumal, Director, Sadayanodai Ilaignar Narpani Mandram (SINAM)
Dhivya, ECC Engineer, CAG,
Anandhan, Advisor, ECC - Tiruvanamalai
Ashok Kumar, Coordinator, ECC - Tiruvanamalai

Image 1 - Participants at the Trichy capacity building meeting

Topics covered in all districts:

The objective of the meeting was to create awareness and educate consumers to conserve energy through behavioural changes and the use of energy-efficient appliances. Consumers from the domestic, commercial, and agricultural sector participated in the meetings.


Image 2: Mr. Nagarajan, Organiser, ECC - Tiruvallur welcoming the participants and gave objective of the meeting


In all meetings, the heads of the organisations welcomed the participants and explained about ECC functions. Respective Advisors spoke to participants on various consumer-related queries and ECC’s relationship with Tamilnadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Ltd. (TANGEDCO) officials in resolving consumer problems. Researchers and ECC Engineers from CAG made a presentation on the importance of energy conservation, energy efficiency and Renewable energy. In addition, TANGEDCO officials delivered their thoughts and suggested consumers follow behavioural changes to conserve electricity. ECC Coordinators concluded the sessions with a vote of thanks.



Image 3: Mr. S.D. Denish Venu clarifying doubts regarding security deposits


Image 4: Mr. Balaji M.K. making a presentation on energy conservation at the household level

The important points that were discussed during the meetings include:

  1. Details about additional security deposits;
  2. The procedure for the name transfer;
  3. A detailed presentation on energy efficiency and energy conservation practices at the household level;
  4. Behavioural practices that can help conserve energy such as usage of air conditioner at 24 °C to 26 °C, leaving space around the refrigerator, switching off appliances when not in use, etc; 
  5. Conservation practices for various electrical appliances such as lighting, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc., were also discussed;
  6. The advisors clarified questions raised by participants on meter-related problems, billing-related problems, agriculture pump sets, etc;
  7. At Trichy, Mr. Loganathan from Trichy Electronics gave a demo on the usage of solar power in households. He spoke about the advantages of solar applications and showcased various appliances like solar lights and emergency lamps that run on solar power. He also explained the benefits of setting up rooftop solar in household premises.

Image 5: Mr. Anandhan, Advisor, ECC-Tiruvannamalai, clarifying consumers queries

Image 6: Mr. Loganathan from Trichy Electronics demonstrating the appliances run on solar power



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