ECC outreach activities during COVID-19 pandemic - Advertisements

Thu, 05/11/2020 - 13:51

Electricity Consumer Cells (ECCs), used to conduct outreach meetings twice in a month in their respective districts (Tiruvallur, Tiruvannamalai, Tirunelveli, Cuddalore, Salem, Tiruchirapalli, and Vellore) to sensitise consumers about the ECCs and help them by clarifying their queries related to electricity problems and to create awareness on energy conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy.

Due to COVID-19 outbreak, Electricity Consumer Cells (ECCs) were unable to conduct physical outreach meetings. Therefore, the ECCs started using online platforms to reach the consumers.  They conduct e-outreach meetings, and social media campaigns. 

In addition, since May 2020, ECCs started advertising activities which include a) handbill distribution, b) newspaper advertisements, and c) television advertisements. The main objectives of these activities are i) To let people know about ECCs,  their  functioning, and  contact details with additional details of  helping consumers with their complaints / queries related to electricity ii) To create awareness on energy conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy by providing details and tips. 


The handbills were distributed to the consumers either in person with all the COVID-19 precaution measures or by placing as insets in  newspapers. All the ECCs conduct  this activity once in a month in their respective districts.

Image 1:printed handbill

Image 2: Handbills distributed by placing inside Newspaper.

Image3:Handbills distributed in person.

Newspaper advertisements of size 120 sq. cm, were published in the prominent newspapers of the respective ECC districts. This activity is  carried out by all the ECCs once in a month in  their respective districts. 

Image 4:advertisement printed on newspaper

Image 5:advertisement printed on newspaper

Image 6:advertisement printed on newspaper

Scrolling type television advertisements are given in the local television channels. The advertisements are telecast 10 times in a day in the interval of 60 minutes and telecast for 30 days.

Image 7: scrolling type advertisement on local television channel

Image 8: scrolling type advertisement on local television channel

As a result of the advertisement activities, the ECCs are able to reach a large number of people, estimated at over 100,000, in the last few   months. Also, due to the widespread publicity, the number  of  complaints/queries from consumers have significantly increased .   

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