ECC Tirunelveli conducted outreach meetings at Panchayat Union Primary School, Munnirpalam on November 21, 2018, and Branch Library Campus, Meenakshipuram on December 19, 2018, of Tirunelveli District. The objective of the meeting was to educate consumers on energy governance and to create awareness about ECC. The meeting was organised by Mr.Muthusamy (ECC Coordinator) and Mr. S.Shanmugam(ECC Advisor).

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Mr. Venkatachalam, President, (TMNUPS), explained the working of ECC Tirunelveli and highlighted its role in maintaining a balance between consumers and TANGEDCO. He mentioned that ECC Tirunelveli gives free advisory services to the public on electricity-related issues. Consumers may contact the ECC at any time.

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Mr. Shanmugam, ECC Advisor, Tirunelveli, explained the type of complaints registered with ECC with examples. He also clarified questions raised by consumers on electricity complaints and the different kinds of problem-solving mechanisms. He further informed the participants about energy efficient products like LED bulbs, LED Tube lights which are more efficient compared to the incandescent bulbs and CFL bulbs.

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Mr. Muthusamy, ECC Volunteer, Tirunelveli, concluded the session with a vote of thanks.