ECC Tiruvannamalai conducted outreach meetings in  Tiruvannamalai district at Usambadi (August 28th, 2018), Kilsirupakkam (September 11th, 2018) and  Periyakolapadi (October 12th, 2018). The objective of the meetings were to educate consumers on electricity rights, energy efficiency, and to create awareness about ECC. The meeting was organized by Mr. Rama Perumal, Secretary, SINAM, Mr. Ashokan (ECC coordinator), Mr. Anandan (ECC Advisor).

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Mr.G.N. Bharath Ram, Researcher, CAG explained the objectives and functions of ECC Tiruvannamalai in detail. He stated that ECC Tiruvannamalai gives free advisories on electricity-related issues and helps the complainants in drafting the complaint letters. He mentioned that ECC Tiruvannamalai also registers complaints with the TANGEDCO office and takes steps to resolve the same.

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Mr. Anandan, ECC Advisor, Tiruvannamalai, explained that the complaints registered to the ECC are solved by sending a letter to the concerned official. He described the procedure for registering electricity complaints in the  ECC to the participants. He advised the participants to register a complaint at the TANGEDCO office in a written format rather filing only verbal complaints. He further shared energy-saving tips to be used at the household level, for eg. shifting to LED bulbs and tube lights.

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Mr.Ashokan, ECC Coordinator, Tiruvannamalai, concluded the sessions with a vote of thanks.