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Current News - Volume IV, Issue 06, June 2019
Source : CAG


  • Consumer guide to grid-connected rooftop solar - Part 1
  • The Do-It-Yourself Energy Audit Series For Household Consumers  - Part 7
  • TANGEDCO’s delay in payments puts private producers in a spot
  • Indian Railways ramps up its efforts to utilize solar power
  • Consumer Focus - Ombudsman Order
  • Fossil Fuels produce less than half of UK electricity for first time
  • ECC Voice - Success Story (ECC Salem)

Plus Publications/Regulations:

  • Renewable energy and jobs—Annual review 2019, June 2019, International Renewable Energy Agency  
  • Annual generation programme 2019-20, June 2019, Grid operation and distribution wing—Central Electricity Authority 
Work area: