JD - Consultant/Agency - CAG Website Changes

Tue, 05/05/2020 - 12:19

Consultant/Agency for making proposed changes to website                            

Scope of Work (not limited to the list below)

The Consultant/agency would effect the following changes on the CAG website. The CAG website runs on Drupal platform. 

  1. Improve the search function and make it more user-friendly: 
    • Introduce drop downs for all input fields. 
    • Create a search function where required 
  2. Ensure external links can be embedded in website 
    • YouTube Videos, CAG websites, media, social media, etc
    • Sync the Google map with Events page; fix formatting issue on this page 
    • Create icons for email, social media and search in place of full text and search box.
  3. Contact us page: include scope for uploading jobs/opportunities.
  4. Reorganise pages:
    • Rename Database as Publications: Include a date input box when uploading documents.
    • Project details page: increase the number of listings on a single page; include provision to go to the next set of listings.
    • Rearrange the list of projects based on start date. 
    • Include Tamil fonts.

Timeline: Three months

Contact: Please write to Padmavathi S at communications@cag.org.in. Please send links/samples of previous projects.


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