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Pasumai - Organic Farming for all

Citizen consumer and Civic Action Group (CAG), launched a campaign in Chennai called ‘PASUMAI – Organic farming for all.’  The campaign aimed to promote organic rooftop/kitchen gardening and encourage the use of organic fertilizers to improve the nutritional value of the produce. 

Organic farming can be seen as a systemic solution to many of the pressing concerns in today’s agricultural scenario including crop unsustainability, poor soil quality and pest infestation. Usage of organic fertilizers and extension of organic methods to household cultivation can prove beneficial in enriching urban biodiversity, reducing food insecurity and achieving other important sustainable development goals (SDGs)

Several NGOs and media houses across the nation have taken up the cause of organic farming and a range of Government initiatives and schemes have been launched, especially in Tamil Nadu, to promote and support organic methods in farming and rooftop/terrace gardening. With over a decade, the organic movement can be seen gaining traction and picking up momentum. Yet, despite the initial momentum, certain level of inertia still exists, with respect to adoption of organic methods.


The main objective of the campaign was to educate consumers on the importance of organic farming and encourage them to actively practice organic rooftop/kitchen gardening in their households.