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Terms & conditions to donate

1. We need a scan copy of PAN card or Passport of the donor (through e­mail) for our records.

2. The minimum requested contribution per transaction is INR 500 (to cover transaction cost and provide real benefit for the Trust). Further, we have decided to cap the donations to a maximum of INR 50,000 per person per financial year.

3. We will display your name, city/country of residence and nationality on the 'Donors' list on our website for a period of 1 year. We have decided not to take anonymous donations and to display donor names on our website to ensure transparency. As all donors are equal for us, we will not display the individual amount, only the total amount received in donations.

4. The contribution given by you will be pooled into a corpus and may be used either for organisation building or for any specific project.

5. CAG has the 80G exemption and so you can claim income tax deduction for the amount donated (50% of the amount donated is tax free).

6. All the data collected will be treated confidentially, except as per para 3 above. Please refer our privacy policy for further details.