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City Governance

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Save the Adyar River but with the same rules for all

It was on a Saturday Morning that I ventured on a walk, along with a group...know more

Does the Smart City SPV undermine the 74th Constitutional Amendment Act?

The Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) will be created by each city to...know more

Quantifying Quality: The Pavement Condition Index

Assessing road quality may seem like a highly complex science, requiring...know more

Open Data: The Challenges of Generating a Credible Dataset on Urban Infrastructure Quality

Open data can be a high demand to place on certain governments when they...know more

Questioning Development: Reflections From a Field Visit to Ponneri

Ponneri is currently a small town located north of Chennai which lies in...know more


The Road to Open Data

This project has two principal, inter-connected objectives; first, to...know more

Monitoring the Smart Cities Mission

Following the 2015 launch of the Smart Cities Mission, this project aims...know more


(Re)prioritising citizenship in smart cities governance

The Indian Smart Cities Mission sets out to address India’s urbanisation...know more