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Pre-Feasibility Study support for Waterways Rehabilitation and Solid Waste Management in Chennai.
Resettlement Action Plan - Final Report of Stormwater drainage project for the selected areas of Corporation of Chennai.  
The way water is viewed has transformed from a natural resource that was collectively managed to an economic commodity that is privately owned. The state has also tended to focus on short-term supply side problems rather than long-term integrated…
A documentation of urban flood management and disaster preparedness for lessons for urban governance
Compendium of perspectives of the floods in Chennai in December 2015
A GIS analysis of the floods in Chennai in December 2015.
From November 9-December 1, 2015, Chennai city and its outlying areas, which are part of Kanchipuram and Thiruvallur districts received continuous and very heavy rain. The city was flooded at least three times, with the last flood, caused by non-…