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Citizen Matters

Chennai’s single-use plastic ban falters despite campaigns like Meendum Manjappai

Despite noteworthy efforts by the government (such as through the Meendum Manjappai campaign)  to reduce the use of single-use plastics, they stubbornly remain in our lives. Sumana, CAG, explains that this is a problem that must be addressed at the source - with the production of plastic and plastic products itself.

Can imposing speed limits on Chennai roads make them safer?

Sumana, CAG talks about the recent efforts of the Chennai police to enforce speed limits within the city. With a CAG audit showing that over 85% of two-wheelers were travelling over permissible speed limits and with Chennai holding the spot for the second highest number of road fatalities, curtailing speed to prioritise the safety of all road users, especially vulnerable road users, should not be a difficult decision to make.

Free bus OK. Smart card yaake?

As the Karnataka government rolls out a free bus scheme for women, Sumana, CAG explains why such a scheme is good for women, their families in particular and the society at large. Typically, when women save money in any manner, they recycle it back into their families, for example, investing it in their children and their education. 

Making Chennai’s public transport climate resilient

Improving Chennai's public transport will be an integral part of making the city, climate resilient. With commuters facing long waits for their bus while sitting on hot, metal seats or under leaky-roof bus shelters, Sumana, CAG, explains that increasing the frequency of buses is central to solving these problems. This then needs to be followed up by other climate resilient measures that improve waiting conditions, last mile connectivity etc.

Fixed fares and limited passengers – what regulation can mean for share autos in Chennai

Sumana, CAG, commenting on how share autos support first and last mile connectivity, says that the government needs to have conversations with both drivers and commuters to understand needs from both sides. She adds that the first priority, however, should be to legalise them by giving them the right permits.

Revisiting Chennai’s Non-Motorised Transport Policy

Sumana, CAG, talking about the plight of pedestrians in Chennai, comments that we have a Non-Motorised Transport policy, but that it exists only on paper. She adds that while areas like Pondy Bazaar are good examples of pedestrian friendly spaces, these are too few and far between. The government is still mostly focussed on prioritising private motorised vehicles by building flyovers and widening roads. This is not sustainable.