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Horeb Moses, Researcher, CAG

Better the De’wheel’ you know, than the one you don’t!

In an age where progressive urban cities serve as a measure of national growth, it is easy to be carried away by several ambitious and pro-western urban projects. The central and state governments are pushing for advancement in the form of smart cities and various other technological upgrades. This is apparent in the initiation of transport projects such as metro rails, mono rails and even the outrageous concept of the hyperloop.

Garbage, Bridges and Boatmen

Having recently joined CAG, in the capacity of a researcher, I was excited and curious as to the kind of work my job would entail. I wasn’t disappointed. The very first projects I was roped into were about road safety and zero waste cities. Now, being a design major with a background in architecture and urban design I tackled the issue of road safety with verve and set about approaching the issue from a spatial perspective.