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Electricity Consumer Cell (ECC) Outreach Meeting Update - Tiruvannamalai (2018-19)

ECC Tiruvannamalai conducted outreach meetings at Kolakaravadi on November 16, 2018, Meiyur on December 24, 2018, and Sananthal on January 24, 2019, of Tiruvannamalai district. The meeting was organized by Mr. Ashokan (ECC coordinator) and Mr. Anandan (ECC Advisor).

Mr.G.N. Bharath Ram, Researcher, CAG, explained the objectives and functions of ECC Tiruvannamalai. He further explained the role and duties of ECC Coordinator and ECC Advisor.

D:\Outreach Meeting PHOTOS\November\Tiruvannamalai\SAM_0969 - Consumer Tiruvannamalai.JPG

Mr. Anandan, ECC  Advisor, Tiruvannamalai, answered questions such as delay in providing domestic supply connection near agriculture land and other issues pertaining to the digital meter. He also spoke about the importance of safety while handling electrical products.

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Mr. R. Jeya Kumar, Researcher, CAG explained energy conservation techniques that can be followed at the household level. He described the energy efficiency concepts for households, which includes standards for electrical materials and supportive modules, including star rating and labeling for home appliances. He shared tips on space requirements for home appliances and energy-efficient practices.

Mr. Ashokan, ECC Coordinator, Tiruvannamalai, concluded the sessions with a vote of thanks.

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