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Trans Fat Regulations Campaign on Children’s Day 2019

Mon, 11/11/2019 - 10:11

CAG will conduct a campaign to spread awareness about trans fats on 12th November 2019 (10:45am to 12:15pm) on the occasion of Children’s Day 2019, at RK Rangammal Kalvi Nilayam HSS School, Coimbatore.  

The FSSAI has proposed to limit the amount of trans fat content in vegetable oils, vegetable fats, and hydrogenated vegetable oil to less than 2 per cent by weight as part of its goal to make India trans fat–free by 2022. CAG’s focus is to support effective implementation of the national trans fat regulations in the state of Tamil Nadu. To this end, CAG plans to conduct several public events to promote healthy eating habits, and create awareness about the harmful effects of trans fats.

Consumers play a critical role in the food chain for their food choices and consumption patterns have a direct impact on their health. Consumers have the right to be able to access legitimate information about foods that can harm them. At the event there will be presentations by experts on harmful effects of trans fats on health, suggestions on identifying food items containing trans fats, disadvantages of using used cooking oil, and government's initiatives to regulate trans fat in food items.

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