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Current News - Volume III, Issue 9, September 2018



  • Ceiling fans: Selection Criteria and Energy Efficiencies (Part 2)
  • New solar policy in the works in Tamil Nadu.
  • Maharashtra ready to unveil energy calculator.
  • Consumer Focus - Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum Case (CGRF)
  • By 2023 LED Lighting Market is Expected to Reach $70 Billion.
  • ECC Voice - Precautions to prevent accidents during the rainy season (Do's and Dont's) (Tamil) (Part 2).

Plus Publications/Cases:

  • H. P. Stumpf, B. Hu, Off-shore Energy Access 2018, ECN.
  • Scott A. and Pickard S., Energy safety nets: A literature review, CAFOD & ODI, September 2018.
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