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Current News: Volume VIII, Issue 12, December 2023



  • Charging Electric vehicles - a tariff conundrum?
  • Simple measures for Electricity consumers to participate in the circular economy - Do It Yourself series (Part - 7)
  • Demand for electricity in T.N. increases by more than 7.5% in 10 months
  • Non-fossil fuels account for 44% of India's power generation capacity - power minister
  • Countries promise clean energy boost at COP28 to push out fossil fuels
  • Consumer Focus - Ombudsman Case

Plus Publications/Regulations:

  • Energy Efficiency 2023, IEA, 
  • 2023 G20 Sustainable Finance Report Volume 1, G20 India 2023
  • Securing Minerals for the Energy Transition, World Economic Forum
  • Progress on the sustainable development goals: The Gender Snapshot 2023, UN Women


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