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Bringing together stakeholders, for action on environmental protection




Bringing together stakeholders, for action on environmental protection

Date : January 29, 2024 

Venue : Le Royal Méridien, Guindy, Chennai 


Environmental protection is a complex issue that requires the collaboration of various stakeholders, including governments, businesses, non-governmental organisations, communities, and individuals. Each stakeholder brings unique perspectives, shared responsibility, and effective implementation strategies, contributing to comprehensive and effective solutions. Civil society organisations play a pivotal role in this process by conducting research using sound methodologies, advocating for environmental protection, and supporting on-the-ground actions.

In this endeavour, the Citizen consumer and civic Action Group (CAG) to encourage dialogue and discussion,  organised a discussion on January 29 for officers from the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board (TNPCB) and Greater Chennai Police (GCP).

The discussion revolved around two research studies carried out by CAG: one examining the correlation between air quality and violent crime, and the other evaluating the functions of TNPCB based on selected parameters. We also discussed the reasons behind the gap in the registration of police cases under various environmental protection laws, drawing upon data available from the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) and TNPCB. Officers from the TNPCB and GCP stated that this was the first time they have sat together for a discussion related to air quality. They expressed that more such interactions between the TNPCB and the Police would help joint working.  The participants were appreciative for studying a poorly explored area and expressed confidence that once these study reports are released it will give them few actionable points to work on. Both of them emphasised the urgency of shifting the perspective from viewing environmental issues as merely an environmental violation to recognising them as an environmental crime, adding that this would be crucial for effective environmental protection. Additionally, in an effort to enhance the relevance of future research work, ideas were invited from participants. One interesting idea that came up for discussion was to investigate ways and means for facilitating collaboration between the TNPCB and the police in the enforcement of environmental protection laws. This suggestion highlights the significance of inter-agency cooperation in environmental protection initiatives.

Based on the insights gained from this discussion, the study reports on air quality and violent crime, and the state of TNPCB will soon be released.

For further information, contact: Vamsi Kapilavai:  +91 94938 92929 | 

About CAG

Citizen consumer & civic Action Group (CAG) is a thirty eight year old non-profit and non-political organisation working on citizen rights and good governance. It has worked primarily to protect the interests of consumers and citizens of Chennai even as its efforts have had state level and even national level impacts.

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