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Capacity Building Programme on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Electricity Consumer Cell (ECC), Thiruvallur organized a capacity building programme titled “Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy” on October 14, 2017, at New Abirami Hall, Ambattur, Chennai. The programme was attended by students from Industrial Training Institute (ITI), Ambattur and various consumer groups and Civil Society Organizations.

Mr. Selvaraj, Chairman of Federation of Consumer Organizations Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry, welcomed the participants and gave an introductory speech on the purpose of the capacity building programme.

Mr.Vishnu Mohan Rao, Senior Researcher from Citizen consumer and civic Action Group (CAG) explained the purpose of ECC and showcased the work of ECC in Thiruvallur. He focused on the role of ECC in supporting consumers to address  day-to-day electricity challenges.

The Chief Guest, Mr. Vetrivel, Assistant Executive Engineer, Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Limited (TANGEDCO), Ambattur, gave the keynote speech. He gave a brief description on various renewable energy options apart from the conventional energy resources and also about the benefits of renewable energy resources. He shared the advantages of using energy- efficient appliances and importance of energy conservation, including examples of simple electricity saving practices such as turning off lights when not in use, replacing incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent bulb, etc.

Mr. Ramakrishnan, Junior Engineer, TANGEDCO, Ambattur, addressed the participants on energy conservation measures and also highlighted about electricity pilferage by way of damaging and/or creating disturbances to the installed transmission lines. He clarified doubts and questions raised by the participants regarding energy conservation and other electrical issues such as power blackouts in Ambattur area.

Mr. Rajendran, Electrical Contractor, gave a practical demonstration on the working of solar panel, inverter, and battery backup. He discussed about the steps involved in household solar rooftop installation, system size, cost and the area required. In light of the hands-on approach, the ITI students found this session to be useful.

Mr. V. Asokan, Electricity Advisor, gave concluding remarks and requested the participants to get to know the area Assistant Engineer of TANGEDCO and contact him in case of any electricity issues. He further requested the participants to make use of the services of ECC and services of TANGEDCO, such as grievances day meeting, voluntary consumer organization’s meeting etc. 


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