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Capacity Building Programme on Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and Passive Building Concepts – Cuddalore

Electricity Consumer Cell (ECC), Cuddalore, organised a capacity building programme on “Energy efficiency, renewable energy, and passive building concepts” at Tirupathiripuliyur, Cuddalore, on March 26, 2019. The consumers who participated were from domestic, commercial, and agricultural sectors.

Mr. Selvaraj, Chairman, Federation of Consumer Organisations Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry (FEDCOT) welcomed all the participants and explained the purpose of the event. 

Mr. Bharath Ram G N, Researcher, CAG, gave an introduction about the objectives and functions of ECC. He explained ECC’s relationship with Tamilnadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Ltd. (TANGEDCO) officials in resolving consumer problems.

Mr. Jeya Kumar R, Researcher, CAG, gave a detailed presentation on energy efficiency, renewable energy, and passive building concepts. The whole session was very interactive. Participants raised queries on several topics and received appropriate responses from him. The major points discussed were a) advantages of LED bulbs over incandescent and CFL bulbs, b) advantages of LED TV over the conventional one, c) points to be considered during purchase and installation of appliances, d) how to plan a house to conserve energy by adopting passive building concepts, e) how to choose wiring materials, f) the importance of electricity meter,  g)awareness on stand by mode in appliances such as TV, laptop, air-conditioner, etc., h) benefits of solar energy, i) solar agricultural pumpsets and government schemes available, j) rooftop solar installation and net metering.

Mr. Selvaraj, Chairman, Federation of Consumer Organisation Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry (FEDCOT) concluded the session with a vote of thanks.

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