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Capacity building programmes on Electricity Governance - August 2019

Tue, 14/01/2020 - 13:11

Electricity Consumer Cells (ECCs) conducted capacity building meetings on energy governance in the month of August 2019 at 

1. Shanmuga Mini AC Hall, Salem, on 4 August 2019


  • Boopathi.J.M, Founder of consumer voice foundation,
  • Prabakaran.L, Coordinator, ECC - Salem,
  • Jayaraman, Advisor, ECC - Salem,
  • Jeyakumar, Researcher, CAG
  • Sivakumar, NIRT Renewable Energy,
  • Sribaskar, Coordinator, ECC - Salem 

2. Gomath Thirumana Mandapam, Mukkudal, Tirunelveli on 18 August 2019


  • Venkatachalam, President, Tirunelveli Maavata Nugarvor Urimai Paadhukaapu Sangam,
  • Muthusamy, Coordinator, ECC - Tirunelveli
  • Shanmugam, Advisor, ECC - Tirunelveli,
  • Balaji, Researcher, CAG,
  • Anto Jeyaraj, GreenTech Solar,
  • Ganapathi Subramaniyan, FEDCOT, District Secretary.

3. Yelagiri Hall, Vellore on 21 August 2019


  • Kumari.T, Managing trustee, National Level Educational and Training Trust
  • Radhakrishnan, Rotary Club Head,
  • Bharath Ram, Researcher, CAG,
  • Dhivya, ECC Engineer, CAG,
  • Kumar, Junior Engineer, TANGEDCO, Technical Training and Development Center, Sholinghur
  • Ganesh, Luminous Solar
  • Jayapal, Advisor, ECC - Vellore

4. Suriya Thirumana Mandapam, Thandrampattu, Tiruvannamalai on 22 August 2019


  • Rama Perumal, Director, Sadayanodai Ilaignar Narpani Mandram (SINAM)
  • Bharath Ram, Researcher, CAG
  • Dhivya, ECC Engineer, CAG,
  • Anandhan, Advisor, ECC - Tiruvanamalai
  • Ashok Kumar, Coordinator, ECC - Tiruvanamalai

5. Aurobindo School Meeting Hall, Neyveli, Cuddalore on 25 August 2019


  • Selvaraj, Chairman, Federation of Consumer Organisations Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry (FEDCOT)
  • Muthukumarasamy,
  • Ganga, Self-help Group, Neyveli
  • Selvi, Self-help Group, Neyveli
  • Raj Kumar, Solar Developer, Chidambaram
  • Radhakrishnan, Advisor, ECC - Cuddalore

6. Sivapunniya Thirumana Mahal, Trichy, on 26 August 2019. 


  • Vanaja, Director, People’s Action Service Society (PASS)
  • Velusamy, Advisor, ECC - Trichy
  • Bharath Ram, Researcher, CAG
  • Dhivya, ECC Engineer, CAG
  • Loganathan, Trichy Electronics 
  • Prakash, Coordinator, ECC - Trichy.

Image 1: Participants in the capacity building meeting in Vellore

Topics covered in all districts: 

The objective of the meetings was to educate consumers on energy governance, rights of consumers in the electricity sector, and to create awareness about ECCs. 

Image 2: Mr. Venkatachalam, President, TMNUPS, speaking to the participants about ECCs

In all meetings, the heads of the organisations welcomed the participants and explained about ECCs’ functions. Respective Advisors spoke to participants on various consumer-related queries. Researchers and ECC Engineers from CAG made a presentation on the importance of consumer participation in the electricity sector. In addition, TANGEDCO officials delivered their thoughts and clarified queries raised by the participants. ECC Coordinators concluded the sessions with a vote of thanks.  

Image 3: Mr. Kumar, Junior Engineer, TANGEDCO, Technical Training and Development Center, Sholingur explaining the importance of earthing process

Image 4: Mr. Jeyakumar discussing importance of star rated appliances

The important points that were discussed during the meetings include:

  1. Importance of earthing process and certain tips on handling the unearthed equipment; 

  2. Discussion on the theft of power and how to identify power theft; 

  3. A detailed presentation on energy efficiency and energy conservation practices at the household level;

  4. The difference between the power consumption in star-rated and non-star-rated appliances and other important parameters such as year mentioned in the star label. CAG staff advised participants to buy appliances with the highest star ratings as they consume less power.

  5. The advisors clarified questions raised by participants on tariff calculation for commercial and residential consumers, street light issues, name transfer, meter-related issues, agricultural connections, etc. 

  6. At Thiruvannamalai, Mr. Suthagar from Optimum Energy Solar system (OESS) gave a demo on the usage of solar power in households. He said that using a renewable source of energy reduces dependence on non-renewable sources such as coal-powered plants and also reduces environmental impacts. He mentioned that the use of solar power will significantly reduce electricity bills. He explained the difference between on-grid and off-grid solar rooftop systems. He clarified questions raised by consumers on installation costs, required rooftop area, and its payback period. 

Image 5: Mr. Anandhan, Advisor, ECC-Tiruvannamalai, clarifying consumer queries

Image 6: Mr. Suthagar demonstrating the working of solar

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