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Capacity building programmes on Energy Efficiency, Energy Conservation, and Renewable Energy - November 2019

Electricity Consumer Cells (ECCs) conducted capacity building meetings on energy efficiency, energy conservation, and renewable energy in the month of November  2019 at 

1. Panchayat meeting hall, Thorapadi, Panruti, Cuddalore on 21 November 2019 


  • Selvaraj, Chairman, Federation of Consumer Organisations Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry (FEDCOT)
  • Balaji, Researcher, CAG
  • Arul Selvan, Assistant Engineer, Pudhupettai,
  • Thirugnanam from Phocos India Solar Pvt. Ltd.
  • Radhakrishnan, Advisor, ECC - Cuddalore
  • Ambigapathy, Coordinator, ECC - Cuddalore


2. Shakthi Mahal, Sholinghur, Arakkonam on 22 November .2019


  • Kumari.T, Managing trustee, National Level Educational and Training Trust
  • Bharath Ram, Researcher, CAG,
  • Dhivya, ECC Engineer, CAG,
  • Shankar, Assistant Executive Engineer, TANGEDCO
  • Ganesh, Luminous Solar
  • Balaraman, Advisor, ECC - Vellore

Image 1: Participants at the Vellore capacity building meeting

Topics covered in all districts:

The objective of the meeting was to create awareness and educate consumers to conserve energy through behavioural changes and the use of energy-efficient appliances. Consumers from the domestic, commercial, and agricultural sector participated in the meetings.

Image 2: Mr. Selvaraj, Chairman, FEDCOT, explaining the functions of ECC

In all meetings, the heads of the organisations welcomed the participants and explained about ECCs’ functions. Respective Advisors spoke to participants on various consumer-related queries and ECC’s relationship with Tamilnadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Ltd. (TANGEDCO) officials in resolving consumer problems and ECCs liaison with the TANGEDCO officials to address grievances. Researchers and ECC Engineers from CAG made a presentation on the importance of energy conservation, energy efficiency and Renewable energy. In addition, TANGEDCO officials delivered their thoughts and suggested consumers follow behavioural changes to conserve electricity. ECC Coordinators concluded the sessions with a vote of thanks.

Image 3: Mr. P. Sankar, AEE, TANGEDCO, speaking to consumers on agricultural connections

Image 4: Mr. Balaji presenting about efficient use of electrical appliances at the household level


The important points that were discussed during the meetings include:

  1. The resource persons clarified queries raised by consumers on electricity billing, agricultural connections, placement of electricity meter, subsidy for pumps, LED bulbs, etc;

  2. CAG team members gave a detailed presentation on energy efficiency and energy conservation practices at the household level;

  3. The presentation focused on the efficient use of electrical appliances, eg., replacing old incandescent lamps with LED lamps, old inefficient fans with super-efficient fans, using a star rated appliances for air conditioning, refrigerator, washing machine, etc;

  4. The advisors clarified questions raised by participants on the procedure for name transfer, street light problems, tariff-related queries, etc;

  5. At Cuddalore, Mr. Thirugnanam from Phocos India Solar Pvt. Ltd., gave a demo on the usage of solar power in households. He demonstrated the functioning of the solar lighting system and explained the cost involved in installing a rooftop solar system. He also gave an overview of agricultural pumps working on solar energy.

Image 5: Mr. Thirugnanam from Phocos India Solar Pvt. Ltd., demonstrating the working of lights with solar power

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