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ECC Outreach Activities

Fri, 28/04/2017 - 08:51

Date and Time: 16/02/2017 and 22/02/2017

Organizer: ECC Cuddalore

Managed by: Southern Consumer Organization for Protection and Empowerment (SCOPE)

Description: ECC Cuddalore carried out intensive outreach activities by distributing over 800 ECC pamphlets to college students at Shree Raghavendra Arts and Science College in Keezhamoongiladi and also to the general public. This was basically to promote the work of the ECCs to people in Cuddalore. The members of the ECC Cuddalore distributed these pamphlets to the public in the busy main town area at places such as market and bus stands. They also interacted with some people about the initiative and how they can be approached. The pamphlets were also given to few shopkeepers on request.


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