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ECC Outreach Meeting Report - December 2019

Electricity Consumer Cells (ECCs) have conducted nine outreach meetings in the month of December  in Karikalavakkan (Tiruvallur), Thiruvetkulam & Killai (Cuddalore), Vedic Vidyasaram Campus, Thatchanallur & Veerlaperunselvi (Tirunelveli), Thalavaipatti (Salem), Somasibady & Narthampoodi (Tiruvannamalai), Kannur (Tiruchirappalli), Mosur & Mudur (Vellore).

Mr.Balaramaan, Advisor, ECC-Vellore explained the purpose of conducting outreach meetings in different areas of the district. Residential consumers, residential welfare associations, small scale handloom industry workers, college students attended the meeting.

Mr. Jayaraman, Advisor, ECC- Salem, explained the types of complaints registered in ECCs and described the process of solving the complaints by the ECCs. He explained the roles and responsibilities of TANGEDCO officials and their hierarchy, with the help of the poster designed by CAG. For example, if a consumer applies to get a temperory connection, he should submit the application to the Assitant Engineer who is responsible for approving the application. 

Mr.Krishnamoorthy, Junior Engineer, TANGEDCO interacted with the participants on the area-level problems and provided solutions to participants’ complaints. Consumers put forth queries about frequent power fluctuation, power shutdown, and meter-related problems. 

At the end of the session, few participants registered complaints as follows: 

1) Mr. Ashokan, Advisor, ECC-Tiruvallur Advised Mr.X to write a complaint to the Assistant Engineer. Assistant Engineer will rectify it. 

2) Ms.Y, Vellore registered a complaint on the damaged pole. Mr. Balaraman, Advisor, ECC - Vellore, advised Ms. Y to file a complaint with the local body.   

3) Mr. Z, from Thalavaipatti, registered a complaint on low-sagging wires. The complaint was registered with Mr. Jayaraman, Advisor, ECC-Salem, who inspected the field area and advised the consumer to file a complaint with the Assistant Engineer and also to register the same in the WhatsApp complaint number.

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