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ECC Outreach Meeting Report - June 2019

Wed, 24/07/2019 - 20:33

Electricity Consumer cells (ECCs) have conducted outreach meetings in the month of June at Jennys Educational Trust & Valapadi Village (Salem), Valivagai Village & Vedanthavadi Village (Tiruvannamalai), Sholingur & Periya Vaaraikam Village (Vellore), Thumbalam village & Chinna Karupur (Tiruchirappalli), Arani (Tiruvallur), Annamalai Nagar (Cuddalore), Thalaiyathu Village (Tirunelveli).

Ms.Kumari, Director, National level Educational and Social Service Trust, Vellore gave an introduction about the objectives and functions of ECC. As a consumer, she registered a written complaint with ECC Vellore on a damaged pole near her house. ECC Advisor has submitted the complaint letter to Assistant Engineer at Arakonam regarding the damaged pole and a new pole was restored in a week’s time.

Mr. Karthigeyan, Assistant Engineer, Valapadi, Salem, participated in an outreach meeting and shared his views with the participants. On a daily basis, he receives one or two phone calls from ECC Salem on frequent power cuts, damaged poles, billing-related problems, Karthigeyan said. He appreciated CAG’s efforts in establishing the ECCs.

Mr. Balaji M.K, Researcher, Citizen consumer and Civic Action Group, gave a brief explanation on solar energy - panels, net meter, conversion of solar energy into electrical energy and subsidies. He further explained types of installations such as rooftop solar for domestic and commercial consumers and agricultural pumpsets for agriculture consumers. He informed the consumers about the list of solar installers mentioned in the Tamil Nadu Energy Development Authority website. Mr.Radhakrishnan, ECC Advisor, Cuddalore, concluded the session with a vote of thanks.

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