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ECC Outreach Meeting Report - March 2020

Electricity Consumer Cells (ECCs) have conducted two outreach meetings in the month of March. Participants from different consumer categories such as commercial, agricultural, and domestic attended the meetings in:

  1. Devalapuram Village, Ambur, Vellore District on March 11,2020

  2. Vayalur Village, Trichy district on March 13,2020.

Presentation by ECC representatives

ECC coordinators explained the importance of conducting outreach meetings, which are platforms to discuss the electricity-related issues and create awareness on energy conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy. 


outreach meet march 2020 image 1

ECC advisors described the functions and role of the ECCs in their respective districts. They explained the nature of complaints registered with ECC and its redressal mechanism. ECC Advisors work in collaboration  with Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (TANGEDCO) in resolving the complaints. They also mentioned that some complaints were registered on the grievance day meeting, which required the attention of the higher officials. At the end of the presentation, ECC advisors answered questions asked by the participants on name transfer, billing problems, difference between the analog meter and digital meter, irregular meter assessment by the assessor.   


outreach meet march 2020 Image 2

Image 2: Mr. Balaraman, Advisor, ECC-Vellore, addressing the participants


Presentation by ECC Engineers

CAG representatives gave a detailed explanation about energy conservation and energy efficiency practices that can be followed at the household level through a presentation. It helps the participants to understand the importance of conserving energy through behavioural practices. Along with the presentation, they demonstrated the working of solar energy with a demonstration kit, which had a 20 Watt solar panel, a 12 Volt - 7 Ampere hour battery, a charge controller and a 2 Watt LED bulb. Further, they explained the process for installing the rooftop solar, its subsidies and warranties. At the end of the presentation, participants had a better understanding on the difference between the power consumption of a normal bulb and an LED bulb. 


outreach meet march 2020 image 3

Image 3: Ms. P. Dhivya, ECC Engineer explaining about energy efficiency and energy conservation

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