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ECC Outreach Meeting Report - October 2019

Electricity Consumer cells (ECCs) have conducted outreach meetings in the month of October at Thervoy (Tiruvallur), Ayakudi (Cuddalore), Christu Raja Higher Secondary School, Palayamkottai (Tirunelveli), Malapambady & Kothanthavady (Tiruvannamalai), Tharamangalam(Tiruchirappalli), Ambarishapuram(Vellore).



Mr. Vellusami, Advisor, ECC-Trichy, explained the aim of conducting the outreach programme to the participants - farmers, domestic, commercial consumers, and school students.

Mr. Ashokan, Advisor, ECC-Tiruvallur, described the objectives and functions of ECC. He also mentioned the process of registering the complaints and redressal mechanisms. He mentioned the majority of the complaints registered with the ECCs are solved in a week’s time.


Mr.Bharath Ram, Researcher, Citizen consumer and civic Action Group, described in detail a few posters on efficient lighting in the houses and advantages of natural ventilation and cooling while constructing a house.


Mr. Anto Jayaraj.I, Solar Developer, demonstrated the benefits of using solar energy and the process of installing the rooftop solar. During the session, few participants asked questions about the quality of the panels, manufacturers, warranty, and related questions.

At the end of the session, few participants registered their complaints on the following: 

1) Mr.A, from Tiruvannamalai, registered a complaint regarding the shifting of meter for his house.Mr.Anandan, Advisor, ECC-Tiruvannamalai advised the complainant to register the complaint with the Assistant Engineer and pay the required fees for shifting the meter.  

2) Mr.B, an agricultural consumer from Vellore had registered a complaint on the low sagging wire in her agricultural field. She said that the wires are sagging on the ground level which causes short-circuit and damages. Mr.Jayapal, Advisor, ECC - Vellore, advised her to file a complaint with the local EB office. 

3) Mr.C, a commercial consumer, from Vellore, registered a complaint about frequent power fluctuations during the night time. Mr.Jayapal, Advisor, ECC - Vellore advised Mr. C to file a written complaint with the Assistant Engineer about the same. He requested the complainant to send the photocopy of the complaint, to follow up with the Assistant Engineer. 

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