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Electricity Consumer Cells (ECC) Outreach Meeting - Tiruvallur

ECC - Tiruvallur conducted outreach meetings in Sekkadu (March 11, 2018), Gopalpuram (March 24, 2018) and Tiruninravur (April 28, 2018) of Tiruvallur District, to promote ECC among the public. It was organized by Mr. M. Dhanraj (ECC Coordinator), and Mr. Nagarajan (ECC Volunteer). ECC handbills were distributed to the public in the villages of Pattabiram and Tiruninravur to promote and create awareness on ECC. Mr. M. Dhanraj explained the functions and objectives of ECC and described the process of registering electricity complaints.

Mr. Ashokan, Advisor, ECC Tiruvallur

Mr. Ashokan, Advisor, ECC Tiruvallur, explained about electricity bills, meters, obtaining a new connection, service quality and redress mechanisms using examples from day-to-day life. He also described the concept of energy conservation, energy saving and the advantages of LED bulbs and tube lights, which consume less energy compared to other normal bulbs. He presented a comparative analysis of energy consumption by normal bulbs, tube lights with LED bulbs, and normal tube lights based on their wattage and voltage.

Mr. G.N. Bharath Ram, Researcher, CAG, briefed the participants about CAG’s work and projects, the objectives and functions of ECC, and the procedure for registering electricity complaints.


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