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Energy Club - Vijayanta Higher Secondary School, Avadi, Chennai

Citizen consumer and civic Action Group (CAG) in association with Vijayanta Higher Secondary School, Avadi has initiated an Energy Club to be run at their school, starting in  February 2023. The inaugural session  (also the first session of the club) was held on 17th February 2023.


Image 1: Energy Club inauguration and welcome address

Elango P, Post Graduate Teacher (PGT), Vijayanta Higher Secondary School welcomed the CAG team and introduced them to the audience and the topics (energy conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy) that they would be covering.

Background information and  presentation:

Bharath Ram, Researcher - Electricity Governance Team, CAG spoke about the energy club’s objectives, structure, activities and sessions.  

Broadly, the objective of the club is to improve young people's understanding of household energy consumption and create awareness around energy conservation and energy efficiency. The club sessions aim to:

  1. promote a better understanding of the subject of electricity, and the importance of conserving electricity
  2. nudge young people to initiate behavioral changes in the way energy is consumed in their household/school and
  3. further promote sustainable energy goals and exposure to renewable sources of energy.

Bharath explained how the students as members along with the coordinators of the energy club can learn and participate in energy saving activities.


Image 2: Mr. Bharat Ram, CAG speaking about Energy Club

Vanathi B, Researcher - Electricity Governance Team, CAG explained energy conservation and its importance, and also why energy saving measures should become part of our habit/ lifestyle practices. The ways in which students can begin energy saving habits and later share them with  their families and thereby create changes in our larger society was discussed with the children through fun filled interactive activities and videos.


Image 3: Ms. Vanathi B, CAG speaking about need for behavioral change

Prabhuram S, Researcher - Electricity Governance Team, CAG explained about energy efficiency, energy efficient devices and BEE star rating, using images. He also elaborated on energy conservation tips for common household appliances like lights, TV, fan, fridge, AC etc.


Image 4: Mr. Prabhuram S, CAG speaking about tips for energy conservation

Our team also explained how to identify energy efficient appliances using the  stars on energy labels, read the labels/covers and understand the information on it while purchasing electrical appliances. 

Audience Response:


Image 5: Group photo with Vijayanta Higher Secondary School staff and students

The students were curious to know about electricity, energy conservation and efficiency topics. Right from the start and throughout the entire session, they were interactive, responding to the questions put forth, and clarifying their doubts.  

To our surprise, the children already had a fair idea about renewable energy, especially solar, LEDs, star labels etc. However, they were not very clear as to  how all of these contribute to energy savings. Once these were explained to them, they enjoyed  learning about them in detail.

The students are a curious bunch who will be a pleasure to work with, and we are excited to join them and learn together with them  in the upcoming energy club sessions.

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