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First ECC District Level Review Meeting


Date and Time: 28/01/2017, 9 AM to 1:30 PM

Organizer: CAG

Description: To discuss about the progress of the ECCs and understand the various challenges faced by the ECCs. The discussion led to some possible solutions to address these challenges


  1. Mr Selvaraj, Trustee MMCRPC
  2. Mr Dhanraj ECC Tiruvallur Coordinator
  3.  Mr Ashokan ECC Tiruvallur Expert
  4. Mr Sam ECC Cuddalore Coordinator
  5. Mr Kuzhalvaganan ECC Cuddalore Expert
  6. Mr Venkatachalam ECC Tirunelveli Coordinator
  7. Mr Shanmugam ECC Tirunelveli Expert
  8. Mr Sivakumar State level ECC Expert
  9. Mr Gunasekaran State level ECC Expert

Participants:  Local consumers

Location: Savera Hotel, Chennai

Key Points of Discussion:

The district level meeting was mainly organized to review and understand the different challenges faced by the ECCs since its inception in addressing the broader objectives of the initiative. The purpose of the meeting was to make clear of the roles and responsibilities of the ECC experts and coordinators.

Mr Vishnu briefed upon the progress of the ECCs since November and emphasized on the primary aim of ECCs in educating and advising electricity consumers. The basic rationale for forming the ECC is to completely transfer and share the knowledge and capacity of CAG to the ECCs. The awareness materials and initial round of promoting the Cells were successfully carried out. It is good to see positive feedback from both the consumers and local EB officials about ECCs. Statistic pertaining to the electricity complaints received was also presented so as to encourage the ECCs to further extend the work to a wider group of consumers. A majority of the complaints received as of now is primarily from domestic but since Cuddalore and Tirunelveli are agriculture area, it is felt that there needs a push to receive complaints from the agriculture category as well.

CAG distributed 30 posters each to all the three ECCs on ten different electricity topics like DSOP regulations, solar energy, electricity theft, Consumer Grievieance Redressal Forum(CGRF) and Electricity Ombudsman, online  bill payment and availing new service connection through online.

ECC state level experts Mr Gunasekaran and Mr Sivakumar spoke about the role of Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission (TNERC) and management of finances by Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (TANGEDCO). The discussion interestingly led to engaging discussions about various administrative issues. They also expressed their confidence and goodwill that ECCs would serve as a very good platform to address the various institutional gap in the electricity sector.

All the ECC experts shared their specific views about the ECCs. Since they have wide experiences about the sector and as well engaging with the communities they shared their perspectives about how ECC can efficiently act a mediator between the consumers and the utility. The cooperation of both the consumers and the utility is important for the ECC to function smoothly.   

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