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First ECC Outreach Meeting - Cuddalore


Date and Time: 12/01/2017, 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Organizer: ECC Cuddalore

Managed by: Southern Consumer Organization for Protection and Empowerment (SCOPE)

Description: To inform consumers about the work of


  1. Mr Selvaraj, Trustee MMCRPC
  2. Mr Sam ECC Cuddalore Coordinator
  3. Mr Kuzhalvaganan ECC Cuddalore Expert
  4. Mr Narayanan ECC Cuddalore Support Staff
  5. Mr Das ECC Cuddalore Support Staff
  6. Mr  Sivaguru AEE TNEB
  7. Mr Dharman JE TNEB
  8. Mr Jonathan CAG ECC Field Coordinator

Participants:  Local consumers

Location: Cuddalore

Key Points of Discussion:

ECC Cuddalore is managed by Southern Consumer Organization for Protection and Empowerment (SCOPE). The meeting took place in a residential area with a huge crowd. ECC Cuddalore organized the event on Pongal Day, a festival celebrated in Tamil Nadu that signifies new beginnings. The meeting was preceded by ECC coordinator, expert and local TNEB officials. It has been said that in general people in Cuddalore are interested to learn and know about public services. This makes the work easier and interesting for the ECC to educate and strengthen the capacity of the electricity consumers in this region.

The consumers in Cuddalore have the tendency to question the way in which public services are delivered but these are mostly limited to roads and other infrastructure. It is felt that such understanding and proactiveness need to be extended for electricity services as well. It is still unclear why people are so reluctant to talk about electricity issues. This could primarily be because of the low level understanding about the sector and working of the utility. Thus there is a need to not only create awareness but also support consumers to know their right and responsibilities. People were informed that this will be the primary aim of the ECC, to educate and support the consumers in getting quality electricity services.

Mr Das spoke about the importance of the ECC and how it can address the consumer complaints related to electricity. He was open enough to listen to the suggestions of the consumers to strengthen the work of the ECC. He clearly said that the ECC will primarily act as an active mediator between the consumers and utility so as to strengthen the relationship between consumer and the EB officials.

Special guest of the event Mr Sivaguru from TNEB said that generally the officials in EB are busy and they do respond to the complaints promptly but in some cases they might be in position where they lose track. In such cases, ECC will guide and advice the consumers to get things done in a more efficient manner. It was good to see officials coming forward to promote the ECCs and felt that ECC will support them in rendering good services to the consumers. He emphasized the mutual cooperation of the EB, ECC and consumers to make this initiative a success

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