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Social Media Campaign on Energy Efficiency, Energy Conservation, and Renewable Energy

Social media plays a significant role in this digital era across all sectors. This is especially so during the COVID-19 pandemic situation, where consumers are left with little option than to communicate using social media/virtually. Considering the potential of social media platforms, Citizen consumer and civic Action Group (CAG) has been executing several social media campaigns to create awareness among citizens on electricity related issues like knowing one’s electricity bill, the bill calculations during the pandemic, energy efficiency, energy conservation, renewable energy and so on. 

They are in the form of videos and posters and have been shared on CAG’s FacebookInstagram, and Twitter pages. The nation majorly depends on the thermal power plants (almost 62%) for the electricity generation, which has several disadvantages for the environment. These posters were aimed at imparting awareness among consumers and  enable them to conserve energy by following some best  practices. The campaign also urges consumers to switch to renewable energy sources such as rooftop solar and solar water heaters. 

In addition, the Electricity Consumer Cells (ECCs), established by CAG in seven districts of Tamil Nadu viz Tiruvallur, Cuddalore, Tirunelveli, Salem, Tiruvannamalai, Tiruchirappalli, and Vellore, in association with the local organisations, have shared all the posters with their WhatsApp groups, thus, extending the reach of the campaign. We were able to reach around 500 consumers across the seven districts with our messages on energy efficiency, energy conservation, and renewable energy. 

In all, 20 posters were created and shared on social media platforms at regular intervals. Through this social media campaign CAG has been able to reach 300 consumers per day to spread awareness on energy conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy.

The posters shared in the social media is given below:




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