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Dynamic Pricing

Letter to Secratary of Consumer Affairs Department on the importance of protecting consumers from unfair pricing algorithms

Following an investigation by Consumers International that personal data is being used in a non-transparent way by dating app Tinder to set the prices that consumers pay for services, CAG wrote to the Secretary, Department of Consumer Affairs, asking that this be looked into.

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New Suvidha trains were introduced to replace premium trains. The most striking change is the scrapping of the waiting list, a first for a train in the IRCTC. This means that only confirmed and Reservation against Cancellation (RAC) tickets will be issued for these trains. Ticket cancellation can be done up to 6 hours before the commencement of the train journey. In that case, 50% of the fare will be refunded to the buyer’s account. If the train itself is canceled, however, the ticket price will be refunded wholly.