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Find out how Mr.G.Arun from Salem district solved the problem of low hanging low-tension wires in his neighbourhood, with the help of Electricity Consumer Cell - Salem #Electricity #TANGEDCO #Consumers #PowerCut #ElecticityBill #EB #TamilNadu
Climate change poses complex challenges for coastal communities. Changes in the climate caused by the coal power plants are amplifying the frequency of extreme weather disasters and disaster management plans are put in place to protect the communities from these disasters.
The huge air, water and land pollution due to coastal thermal power plants contribute significantly to climate change, which is intensifying the frequency of natural disasters in these coastal areas. The time in NOW to make a shift to clean energy! #SaveEnnore #EnnoreCreek #SaveWetLands
CAG, in association with BMS college of Law and Consumer Rights Education and Awareness Trust (CREAT), Karnataka conducted a webinar on Front of Pack Labelling on 31st July, Saturday.
While systemic changes are absolutely necessary to halt plastic pollution, individual changes do add up & make a difference especially when it is about plastic. Let's #saynotoplastic. We have changed. Have you?  #PlasticFreeJuly
Find out how Mr.Krishna Raj from Salem district solved his  #Electricity bill problem with the help of Electricity Consumer Cell- Salem  
 CAG Chennai's discussion on 'Elimination of trans fat in the food supply chain' #FoodSafety #TransFat #StayHealthy #Nutrition #Diet #FoodLifestyle #Fitness
Find out how Mrs.Lalitha from Cuddalore district solved the power outage problem in her house with the help of Electricity Consumer Cell-Cuddalore. #Electricity #TANGEDCO #TamilNadu #Consumers
Find out how Mr.Ashok kumar from Vellore district solved power fluctuation problem in his area with the help of Electricity Consumer Cell - Vellore.  #TamilNadu #Electricity #TANGEDCO #Consumers 
We document the challenges that come with summer and monsoon seasons when one lives next to a dumpyard. We hold our noses when a garbage truck passes us on the road. Imagine living next to a dumpyard.