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Mala Balaji, Researcher.

Researcher, Environment & Climate Action, CAG

Understanding carbon credits and offsets in India: An analysis of key mechanisms

This report analyses various carbon offset methods implemented in India to facilitate effective climate action. The approach involved conducting an in-depth analysis of secondary literature and interviewing field experts. It aims to inform policy making, raise awareness of genuine offset options, emphasize the irreplaceable importance of actual emission reduction, and steer clear of false solutions.

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An in-depth analysis of Environment, Social and Governance disclosure by public sector power companies in Tamil Nadu.

This report analyses the environment, social, and governance disclosure practices within Tamil Nadu's power sector. It meticulously evaluates current practices, identifies gaps, and suggests strategies for improved sustainability. By aligning with industry standards and offering actionable recommendations, it seeks to bolster transparency, accountability, and pave the way for a greener, more sustainable future in the state's energy sector.

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Impact Assessment Report on Climate Change Curriculum in Tamil

The Tamil version of our FOCUS textbook (Climate Change Curriculum for students in grades 6-8) has been piloted in five districts in Tamil Nadu. The findings showed the textbook has brought transformative outcomes, including heightened awareness among students, innovative teaching methods & renewed enthusiasm among educators, marking a significant advancement in climate education in the region. The impact assessment report summarises the findings from the pilot. 

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Blended finance: The dichotomy of opportunities and challenges

In the race against climate change, nations worldwide face a monumental challenge: balancing the urgent need for sustainable development with the financial resources required to implement transformative solutions. This is where blended finance emerges as one of the tools in the fight against climate change with the strategic use of development finance and philanthropic funds to mobilise private capital flows to emerging markets.

Harnessing indigenous wisdom for climate resilience: Insights from Indian communities

In the intricate tapestry of India's diverse landscapes, indigenous communities emerge as custodians of an invaluable heritage. Rooted deeply in their natural surroundings, these communities have cultivated profound insights through generations of coexistence with nature. This time-honoured wisdom, passed on by word of mouth across generations, forms a complex web of knowledge encompassing the local environment, weather intricacies and the behaviours of flora and fauna.

Decoding COP 28 - Breaking ground or broken promises?

The scorching sands of Dubai experienced a slight respite as the all-important climate summit that defines the future of our planet came to a close, leaving behind a mixed bag of accomplishments and unmet pledges. Did we witness a watershed moment in the fight against climate change or was it just another hesitant circumnavigation of the emissions crossroads is a question of debate that needs to be delved into. 

The maladaptation paradox: unintended consequences of climate solutions

In the grand theatre of Earth's ever-evolving climate drama, the protagonists are undoubtedly the adaptable ones.  They are expected to be chameleons who skillfully adjust their hues to harmonise with the ever-shifting backdrop. As our planet undergoes a dramatic climatic makeover, adaptation is the name of the game, the key to thriving in a world of climate chaos. But what happens if, in our quest for survival, we inadvertently grab the script to a completely different play?

Climate change and cuisine: navigating food choices for a sustainable future

In recent times, the global conversation surrounding climate change has intensified, highlighting the urgency to address the environmental challenges we face. One crucial aspect often overlooked in this discourse is the significant role of cuisine and food choices in contributing to climate change. With India, being renowned for its rich culinary heritage, it is imperative that we acknowledge the significant role our food choices play in shaping the future of our planet.