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Aspects to be considered before buying a water pump

Electric water pumps are an essential equipment in most of the households and farm lands.  There are several pump types and brands available in the market and the customer should consider some important aspects before buying a pump. This blog will help the consumer understand the five most important factors which have to be considered before buying a pump.

1. Pump discharge

The amount of water flowing through the outlet pipe of a pump with respect to the time is defined as the discharge. Generally it is mentioned with the letter ‘Q’ and measured in lps (liter per second). To extract more water in a short span of time, it's advisable to choose a pump with higher discharge.

2. Maximum head

Maximum head is the maximum depth or distance from which the pump can pull out the water. Generally, maximum head is mentioned in metre or feet. The pulling capacity will decrease with respect to increase in depth or distance of water and become zero after the maximum depth is reached. The maximum head always needs to be slightly higher than the depth of the water because the depth of water won't be constant in most cases - consumers should keep this in mind before buying a water pump. For example- If the water is at the depth of about 30m it is advisable to buy a pump with a maximum head of about 40m. 

3. Pump capacity

Pump capacity or otherwise known as rated power is measured in HP (Horse Power). It is the measure of electric power required by a pump to extract water. The optimum capacity of the required pump can be calculated with the help of maximum head and pump discharge (Q). Higher the HP, higher will be the power used, where 1HP is equal to 746 watts.

4. Size of the inlet pipe

The intake of the water also depends upon the size of the inlet pipe of a pump. If the inlet pipe is smaller in size, it can only pull comparatively less amount of water than a pump which is of the same capacity but has larger inlet size.

5. BEE Star Label

BEE Star Label is issued by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Government of India. This star label, widely seen on many electrical appliances, is rated for the energy efficiency of the appliances in a scale of up to 5 stars. In general, higher the stars means higher energy saving. Apart from the maximum stars, consumers should always check the  label period, since star ratings are  revised from time to time. The BEE star label in Electric pump comprises brand, type, rated power, head, discharge, speed, no. of stages, minimum bore size, and voltage. Consumers can check the comparison between different types of pumps on the BEE website.

Image 1: BEE Star Label of a pump (Source - BEE


The water pumps use a higher amount of electricity, hence it is necessary to select the appropriate pump based on one’s needs and at the same time  be cautious about water consumption. In general, not only for pumps, but before buying any electrical appliance or equipment, it is advisable for  consumers to do sufficient research about the product.

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