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The Chennai Unified Metropolitan Transport Authority (CUMTA) is currently formulating the Comprehensive Mobility Plan (CMP) for the Chennai Metropolitan Area. This plan will serve as the transportation blueprint for the next 25 years (2023-2048).

Two-wheelers are the preferred mode of transportation for many Indians. They are certainly more affordable than a car. It is no wonder then that, globally, India has the highest number of registered two-wheelers and they account for nearly 75% of all vehicles registered in the country (Road Transport Year Book 2020, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways). 

The concept of integrated ticketing system in public transportation revolutionises the way users access various modes of transport through a unified platform, such as mobile apps or mobility cards. This system, embraced by cities worldwide like London and Hong Kong, relies on cashless transactions for its seamless operation.

In 2022, it felt like the entire city of Chennai was dug up to redo the stormwater drains. In 2024, parts of the city are again being dug up. This time for the next phase of Chennai Metro. Motorists were and are understandably annoyed by the resulting slow down in traffic and the diversions. 

An analysis of the free bus travel scheme for women in Chennai by CAG revealed that it not only saved them money but also allowed them to invest in their family's health and education.

When asked, "What are your preferences when searching for accommodation?", for the majority, the ideal place to stay would be one that is in close proximity to shops, hospitals, schools, and, crucially, workplaces. Many desire the convenience of having essential services near their residence. Unfortunately, the current reality in cities diverges from this ideal.

‘Defensive’ is often seen as something negative. The phrase being on the defensive comes to mind, indicating that one has committed an error and is now on the back foot. However, defence can be measures that proactively protects from harm; that anticipate a dangerous, unwanted situation and preempts it. 

A laissez-faire attitude towards safety could be said to be a defining Indian characteristic. Everytime we step out of our house, whether we are walking or driving a vehicle, we risk our lives and often the lives of other people on the road. The assumption seems to be that crashes occur to other people and that somehow miraculously we will not come to harm in spite of our foolhardy behaviour. 

Asian economies account for 75% of the world's carbon dioxide emissions, which is approximately 795 million tonnes. Out of this, India emits about 291 million tonnes, constituting 36% of the total emissions from Asia.

Few have tried to understand the significance of the free bus travel scheme that a handful of states have introduced. In Tamil Nadu the benefits for women have been definite and palpable, though issues like poor frequency of women-only buses need to be addressed.