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Caught in the crossfire?

Wed, 30/01/2019 - 12:56

While for some, to act on the issue of waste remains a need,

To many others, not so much of a priority to heed.

They say, climate change and global warming are merely myths

There are other matters at hand,

Like economic growth, to deal with?


On the far side, under thatched roofs, many sleep,

Preyed on by vectors, as garbage on street corners heap

No safety net to cover, comfort of blankets too extravagant an affair,

Families willing to cross milestones,

If it means to have their waste out of there.


Some others say, “I can’t manage waste at home”,

Individual responsibility superseded by the mentality of the tax-payer syndrome

Composting is sordid,

Segregation of garbage unlorded,

“We have no time for this sort of idea to be prodded!”

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72 percent of waste generated at homes is compostable,

Yet, the city’s waste in landfills remains unresolvable

When all it takes is a simple combination of fours

Air, water, nitrogen, and carbon to compost at source.


Two incinerators of only a thousand crores could be a quick-fix, they proposed

Compromise to carcinogens, our children and children’s children to be exposed

Not my responsibility or my space, we continue to point fingers

The stench of injustice lingers


Let alone the frequent deliberation on the kind of world we’re leaving behind,

But what about the world, you and me live in our lifetime?

Slim is the time at hand, the situation dire,

Are we going to act now,

or be caught in Nature’s crossfire?

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