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Energy Law and Policy Study Circle, Session 2

Citizen consumer and civic Action Group (CAG) along with the P.G. Department of Environmental Law and Legal Order, Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University (TNDALU) organised the second fortnightly interactive discussion session at the School of Excellence in Law Campus, Chennai on October 11th, 2023. The topic for the discussion was “Electricity Laws in India”. 

The session started with exploring the importance of electricity laws. Students discussed their knowledge and why they felt electricity laws were not a part of their curriculum. They also discussed net-zero transition of the energy sector (by shifting to renewable energy sources) and the overlap with environmental law. Students also explored the basic legal framework for electricity laws.


Members of the study circle, SOEL

After this, students engaged in analysing the importance of making these laws more accessible. Students had a prolific discussion on the methods that can be followed to enhance citizen participation. Some key points of discussion included:

  • Need to use simple language for citizens to understand regulations/policies.
  • Providing materials in the regional language for higher reach.
  • Promoting public consultations like the tariff petition hearing to ensure that more members participate and convey their opinions.

They also looked at the OECD Guidelines for citizen participation processes. The discussion also touched on  how each step given in the guidelines can be implemented. The session ended with a discussion on how citizen participation in rural areas is also vital for environmental and energy regulations.

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