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Accelerating clean energy transition by improving stakeholder participation for electricity governance in India

CAG has initiated this project with the overall objective of accelerating clean energy transition by improving stakeholder participation in the area of electricity governance in India. Stakeholders here refer to various consumer categories, CSOs, consumer groups, resident welfare associations, small and medium enterprises, trade associations, media, local communities, etc.

The project identifies local communities and CSOs in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Telangana, Chattisgarh and Tripura as key partners.

The quality of stakeholder participation in electricity administration and grievance redressal mechanisms in Tamil Nadu and the rest of India is low.  There are several challenges related to electricity that need to be addressed at various levels. These include:

- poor articulation of electricity-related problems faced by consumers and subsequent issues taken up by civil society organizations (CSOs) at the administrative level,

- citizens’ ineffective presentation of their cases before the Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (CGRF),

- lack of quality inputs by CSOs in regulatory affairs, 

- lack of understanding of electricity governance, energy efficiency, renewable energy etc by the consumers, and

- lack of a common platform to enable stakeholders to engage in knowledge sharing.

Many CSOs in their area of operation are unaware and unable to effectively participate in promoting the schemes, highlighting the lacuna, if any. Further, CSOs working in the electricity sector in India do not have access to international practices and methods.

Technical assistance and networking support from specialised NGOs and experts can enable and enhance the effective participation of stakeholders inclusively in electricity governance.