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Sowmya Kannan, Researcher

Integrated ticketing system for public transport

The concept of integrated ticketing system in public transportation revolutionises the way users access various modes of transport through a unified platform, such as mobile apps or mobility cards. This system, embraced by cities worldwide like London and Hong Kong, relies on cashless transactions for its seamless operation.

Road Safety Month, 2024

To mark National Road Safety Month, observed between January 15 and February 14, CAG conducted road safety awareness programs in three schools - Sri Gurumurthy Vidyalaya High School in Kodungaiyur; Don Bosco Matric Hr.Sec.School in Erukkancheri; and Chennai Middle School in Perambur on 2nd, 8th and 9th of February, 2024 respectively. 

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15-minute cities

When asked, "What are your preferences when searching for accommodation?", for the majority, the ideal place to stay would be one that is in close proximity to shops, hospitals, schools, and, crucially, workplaces. Many desire the convenience of having essential services near their residence. Unfortunately, the current reality in cities diverges from this ideal.

Ensuring safe school journeys for all children

Over the years, the number of schools, especially private ones, has burgeoned and so have mobility options for the school commute.  This has provided families with the flexibility to choose schools located farther from their homes. However, this also means there are more road safety risks for their children if precautions aren't taken.