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Road Safety - Problems of pedestrians

I was waiting at the road intersection for the signal to go green. A couple of two wheeler riders  were also waiting at the intersection. But unlike me, they were not waiting for the lights to turn green; they just wanted to find a break in traffic and then dart across the road.  When the opportunity came, they took off, not caring that the signal was still on red for them.  As they started speeding off, a car came from the opposite direction and nearly hit the passing bikes. It was a narrow escape for these signal breakers.

Another common and dangerous road rule violation that I notice on the roads of Chennai is that two wheeler use pavements. Thanks to the Chennai Corporation our footpaths in many areas got a face lift. However the benefits for the pedestrians were short lived as  many two wheeler riders continue to use the footpath to overcome the traffic congestion on the roads. What more, these riders honk at the pedestrians who walk at the footpath! Even the footpaths are not safe for the hapless pedestrian.

Road Safety - Pedestrian Problems



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