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World Obesity Day 2023

Sat, 04/03/2023 - 09:31

Childhood #Obesity is a serious threat to the health of our children, with India having 14.4 million obese children - the second highest in the world, after China. Our children are consuming too many calories, but not enough nutrition. Childhood obesity paves the way for metabolic syndrome, poor physical health, mental disorders, respiratory problems, & glucose intolerance, all of which will continue into the adult years. Consumption of processed foods is a particular risk factor with sugary beverages, salty chips & all manner of fried foods easily & cheaply available. We need #WarningLabels on processed foods to help parents choose wisely. Parents love their children and want only what's best for them - but without adequate knowledge about what goes into #ProcessedFoods, how will they choose well? #FoodLabelsSaveLives #Health4All #KnowWhatYouEat


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