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Covid-19 and Mobility

Covid-19 has affected our mobility in a drastic manner. While there is a considerable reduction in road crashes in the short term, there could be delay in implementing the increased penalties and also reduction in investment on road infrastructure in the long term. This is also the time to re-look at our national priorities that must include healthcare for all, transportation, and livelihood so that we are ready when the next calamity hits us.

Letter to GoTN: Importance of Road Safety during lockdown and after lockdown is lifted


Ever since the lockdown was announced in March 2020 in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic, there have been media reports of several accidents of vehicles transporting migrant workers across the country. With roads being relatively free during the lock down, people tend to drive fast, and post lock down, we can expect a definite surge in accidents as many people will be on the roads and will tend to drive fast. Vulnerable road users may be the worst affected.

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