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MTC Chennai

Sustainable Transport - Fair Fares: Poor time keeping


While #women are overwhelmingly appreciative of the fare free scheme in the state, they would also like for issues around poor time keeping, low frequency & crowding to be addressed. Offering free services which are also excellent in terms of consistency & quality would truly befit a pioneering service such as this. Full report out soon! Follow us to learn more. #PinkPerundhu #FreeBus

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A shout out to MTC bus drivers

Pedestrians are at the bottom of the pecking order of Indian roads. They are a group to be honked at, splashed with dirty rainwater, and given nasty looks for having the temerity to cross the road when there a motorised vehicle within a one-kilometre radius. And of course, pavements for pedestrians are a waste of space. In short, pedestrians should not be allowed to exist.